The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ is the story biblical story of Jesus Christ during his suffering and crucifixion here on earth. The director, Mel Gibson, wanted it to be as accurate as possible, thus creating a very violent film. Yes, the film's brutality was accurate, but it was to the point of being an overly graphic bloodbath. It created quite a stir as people flocked to see this "controversial" film. The Passion did make one strong point unknowingly to Hollywood: there was still a huge audience for biblical epic genre.
Gibson wanted a film composer that would understand the story, so it was no surprise that he choose Catholic composer, John Debney, to score the big project. Debney did become emotionally attached to the film and you can hear his emotions throughout the score. Debney hired vocalist Lizabeth Scott, which greatly contrast the violence Jesus was subject to. Debney created a heartbreaking theme for Mary (the mother of Jesus), mostly heard in Scott's tender vocals (Namely the cues, It Is Done and Mary Goes To Jesus).
Debney also remained authentic with his use of middle eastern instruments such as the oud and the duduk. The sound creates a chilling and somewhat foreboding feeling (Namely the cues, Peaceful, But Primitive Procession, The Olive Garden, and Song of Complaint).
Resurrection by The Passion Of The Christ Soundtrack on Grooveshark
The most powerful theme is played once in the final cue, Resurrection. It is big, and epic in style with banging percussion, classic Debney style. It fits perfectly since the entire cue seems to proclam  "He is not dead, but risen!" I would definitely place The Passion soundtrack next to biblical classics such as, The Ten Commandments, and Ben Hur. This is what a biblical score should sound like folks!

Rating: ****1/2


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