The Adventures of Tintin-The Secret of the Unicorn was one of the best animated films I had seen in a while. The film boasts of top-notch animation, non-stop action, and superb storytelling. All of the above was undoubtedly the heart of the film. I mean, with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson as the producers, how could you go wrong?
It was no surprise that Spielberg choose long-time collaborator, John Williams as the composer.

For the score itself, Williams took a classic style. Vintage jazz opens up the album in the cue, The Adventures of Tintin. The harpsichord adds to it's light effect and is reminiscent of the old 2D animation style cartoons. Williams begins to add more drama and adventure to the score as the score progresses.
 One of the highlights of the soundtrack itself are the two cues, Sir Francis and the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Curse and the Treasure. Both are full of good old-fashioned swash-buckle music that put recent adventure scores to shame.
                                         Red Rackhams Curse And The Treasure by John Williams on Grooveshark

One of the distracting factors is the cue, Presenting Bianca Castafiore, an operatic cue taken directly from the film.....high pitched notes....breaking glass...and all...
It doesn't seem to mix well with all of the other cues and is probably the "Achilles Heel" of the entire album. That factor aside however.....

The Adventures of Tintin is one of the most refreshing albums to come out recently. It's old fashioned adventure, action, and swashbuckler at it's best. It's a solid 65 minutes of pure joy. In these recent days it's exciting to see that John Williams still does have a couple tricks up his sleeve!

Rating: ***1/2

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    Sounds nice! I haven't seen the movie, but the music sounds great.

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