Quest For Camelot

King Arthur's Saga by Patrick Doyle on Grooveshark
Warning: Joshua Hoppman is not responsible for any nightmares, loss of eating, or sleep deprivation, due to viewing the image on the left. The dragon, as disturbing as it looks, is only an animation. As a cure, I recommend hitting your head on a hard object or downing your miseries in a cup of coffee. ;)
It seemed fitting that Scottish composer, Patrick Doyle would score a Celtic film. Quest For Camelot has fast paced bagpipes, heavy percussion, and a main flute theme. Doyle even utilizes a deep male choir for a couple cues. The whole score is quite lengthy running at 81 minutes. The end credits cue runs at 9 minutes is unneeded since it is basically an instrumental version of 3 different pop songs. The finale song in the album, Love Theme Reprise (Click here to listen to it,) is the typical style of a 90's pop song, but the tune of the chorus is identical to the song; The Prayer. I don't understand why they couldn't come up with something more....original but all in all, I enjoyed the song. The whole score is unique, has a wide range of different cues, and is a great adventure score to listen to. If you are looking for a fun, Celtic ride, then check out Quest For Camelot.
To Camelot_Main Title [The Round Table] by Patrick Doyle on Grooveshark

Rating: ***1/2


  1. Lilac Bud Gal said...
    Celtic music like this is pretty much my favorite to listen to when I'm doing school or working books and whatnot. I really liked these! Thanks for sharing them. :)
    Joshua Hoppman said...
    Your welcome Sarah!

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