Mark Willard, Amazing Composer

Composer, Mark Willard really knows his stuff. I have been listening to Willard for about 4 years now. His work,  includes 3 films which I will each briefly talk about; Facing The Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. Though brief and limited, his scores all have a distinct and different style.

Facing The Giants
Facing The Giants Main Theme
Facing The Giants is a sports movie and the score is definitely, a sports soundtrack. Willard didn't have a live orchestra for this score because of the film's low budget, granted, the music is still amazing. The main theme is heavy on the percussion, brassy, and bold sounding. Interestingly enough, it almost sounds like an anthem you would hear come from a band at a football game. It's really clever, and Willard pulls it off brilliantly. Some of the other cues such as Attempting The Impossible are really inspirational with the strings going through arpeggios, while a horn plays the main theme. It's somewhat reminiscent of the main theme from Rocky by Bill Conti (Anyone remember that cue?). If you enjoy a good inspirational score then check out, Facing The Giants.
Rating: ***1/2

The Love DarePersonal Sacrifice
Fireproof is a completely different style from Facing The Giants. The movie is about a firefighter who's marriage is falling apart, so Willard takes a more gentle and light approach to this one. The piano is one of the main instruments utilized and the whole score has somewhat, an atmospheric feel to it. The cues are very slow and sentimental save, for one exciting action cue called, House Fire. I like listening to this one when I need to relax or take it easy.
Rating: ***1/2

Adam's Speech/Closing Credits
Courageous is a more action filled story of police officers who are struggling to be good fathers. Now, there are only two cues from Willard's score that were released. But, I have seen the movie, and Willard's score is big, brassy, and full of action music. The two cues that are available are both longer cues from the movie, and both are really amazing. The cue Courage Under Fire is a seven minute action cue that is high adrenaline, fast paced, and heart-pounding. The second cue, Adam's Speech/Closing Credits is almost six minutes and contains one of the best themes of the year. It's catchy, exciting, and courageous sounding. Need I mention how fitting that is? ;)
Rating: ****

So, be sure to check out the cues I have included, and think of picking up these copies for yourself. Oh, do yourself a favor; if you haven't seen the movies as well, check them out!


  1. Lilac Bud Gal said...
    The soundtracks on all those movies are really neat! I especially like the Facing the Giants one.. :) The movies are really great, too!! I Can't wait to see what they come out with next. :)
    Alicia Willis said...
    Well, you know I definitely love these movies!!! And the music too. :)
    Joshua Hoppman said...
    Sarah: The "Facing the Giants theme" is very inspirational and I love listening to it starting my day off. ;)
    Alicia: Really? I didn't know...just teasing! Yup, they are amazing and very well done!

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