Whether it's used to bring the message of the film home, showcase during the end credits, or used as filler music during a montage (A diologue-less and word-less scene), a song originally written for a film stands out. Sometimes the composer is given the opportunity to write the music for it and other times another music artist is hired on. In any case, it's what the mainstream audience remembers and takes from the score and what can make or break a film.
So without further ado here are the top six best original songs as written for a 2014 film and/or score.

Top 6 Best Original Songs

6. Malificent, Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey
Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark
A semi-depressing song takes the list for number five. This underscore is dark and broody, but Lana Del Rey's sweet sounding voice deeply contrasts the style of the song.

5. Bound, Chains by Nathan Jacobson, Anna Stoyeff, and Breanna Buckhout

This addition was pretty last minute given the album released so close to the end of 2014 but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. The lyrics are powerful and the vocalist's tender performance blend perfectly with the swelling strings, pounding snare, and solo piano ( My apologies to non-Spotify users, this song could only be streamed there).

4. Penguins of Madagascar, He's Dave by Antony Genn
He Is Dave by Lorne Balfe & Antony Genn on Grooveshark
I love spy-esq scores and this one is just that. A total blast. This song keeps with the fun James Bond-esq style with the closing song written about the villain of this movie. It's a whole bunch of fun and reminiscent of the brassy spy film scores from the past.

3. Dragon Age: Inqusition, The Dawn Will Come by Various Chorus. Arranged by Trevor Morris
11_The Dawn Will Come by Trevor Morris on Grooveshark
I love acapella songs. Especially when used in film. It's just so rare. The funny thing is, this particular song was used in a video game score. Even better. The composer, Trevor Morris, creates this sober choral anthem giving the feels of calm during the storm. I haven't played the game, nor do I know of the storyline, however, I imagine this scene was nothing less than epic.

2. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, The Hanging Tree, performed by Jennifer Lawrence
The Hanging Tree by James Newton Howard on Grooveshark
This song sprung up to Billboard's top 100 list. That is amazing considering Jennifer Lawrence isn't a singer; she's an actress. Yet, this song is profound and inspirational as it becomes a rallying cry to action for the character's in the film. Play it loud and sing along. Really, just do it. It's that awesome.

1. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Last Goodbye performed by Billy Boyd
The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd on Grooveshark
Celtic singer and veteran actor from The trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Billy Boyd performs this tender and retrospective song used in the end credits of this film. It's a powerful send-off for Howard Shore's last entry in the Hobbit trilogy and is indeed a last and final goodbye to Middle Earth. I couldn't think of a better song from 2014 than this one. It's a powerhouse to be sure.

Here are some others that didn't make the list, but I thought were worth at last mentioning.

Honorable Mentions

Coliseum, Rudis by Priscilla Hernandez
>>  This song would have been number six on the list, except I didn't count it, since it wasn't composed for a film. It was composed for a show, Coliseum, which is a historical performance of the games from ancient Rome. (Once again, my apologies to non-Spotify users, this song could only be streamed there.)

NoahMercy Is performed by Patti Smith
Mercy Is - Patti Smith by Clint Mansell on Grooveshark

How To Train Your Dragon 2, Where No One Goes performed by Jonsi
Where No One Goes by John Powell on Grooveshark

Unbroken, Miracles performed by Coldplay
Miracles by Cold Play on Grooveshark


  1. Lilac Bud Gal said...
    Nice selection! I like Hanging tree.. Kind of neat how they just keep building it up...

    And Becca and I are learning "Last Goodbye"... if that says anything about much we like it. lol
    Joshua Hoppman said...

    Yes, that what makes the song so cool.
    And some of us Hoppmans are learning The Last Goodbye as well. Hoping to perform at some point. :)

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