Trinity Score Is The Bomb!

China Gets the Bomb by William Stromberg on Grooveshark
Trinity and Beyond is the bomb. No, is.
Trinity and Beyond was a fascinating documentary made in 1995 about the history of the atomic bomb. The film garnered some immediate attention by hiring William Shatner (One of the main characters from the Star Trek series), to do the narrating.
The music is composed by William Stromberg, a conductor who hailed from a family of filmmakers.
This score is what I call a hidden gem. The score and even the composer himself are both pretty obscure but are totally worth the search in the end. It's like hitting a gold mine! (Get it? "Gold mine" and "Hidden Gem"? Ok, Ok moving on....)
Monument Site / 100 Tons of TNT by William Stromberg on Grooveshark

Since the movie is about atomic bombs, Stromberg need to create a massive, foreboding, armageddon-esq sound. One need only listen through the first track, Monument Site/100 Tons of TNT, to realize that it was accomplished. The first cue is haunting with subtle underlying purcussion, when all brass breaks lose in almost a siren-like motif and then suddenly stops and a Russian sounding choirs starts up. Their tune is solemn, reverant, and pays homage to the entire film. It's a spectacular way to begin this atomic score!
The entire album sounds like a a golden age score with classic orchestral sounding cues, and "choir intonings" here and there.
The highlight of the album is found in the two cues, Hiroshima/Nagasaki Requiem and the final cue, China Gets The Bomb. Both cues start off with an oriental motif then suddenly breaks off into a furious choral/brass theme.
Overall, Stromberg really blew this project through the roof  (See what I did there?) with his suspenseful, bombastic (And there?) score. It's plain old-fashioned action.....and it's a total blast........literally........!

Best Track(s)

  • Monument Site/100 Tons of TNT
  • China Gets The Bomb
Rating: ***1/2


  1. Lilac Bud Gal said...
    Those were neat sound tracks. The first one was especially neat... Well, both were. :) I could envision what must've been showing on the screen at the time of the music!
    The movie sounds like it would be a really interesting one. I love history documentaries like that... :)
    Alicia Willis said...

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