Jesus: The Mini Series

Jesus is one of the more obscure TV shows and soundtracks that I am reviewing under the biblical epics genre. I haven't seen the film so I will be going straight to the music itself.
Composed by Patrick Williams, the score is definitely an orchestral spectacle. The main theme for Jesus is powerfully stated on a trumpet and backed up by sweeping strings. It's powerful. Music for the devil is unfortunately the weak point of the score. Williams turned to basic synth loops and synth just isn't the proper way to score a period piece much less a character such as the devil. The theme is uncomfortable but not quite evil enough.
Another highlight in the soundtrack is the cue, Pie Jesu performed by Sarah Brightman. It is a beautiful piece and Brightman's voice fits the song perfectly. In closing I will say the the score in general is a refreshing break from other heavily synth-laden scores, but for the most part is mediocre. Do take a listen to Jesus' theme though as it remains a highlight of the soundtrack. Stay tuned as I continue to go through the amazing genre of Biblical epics!

Rating: ***


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