The Greatest Miracle

Suite by Mark McKenzie on Grooveshark
The Greatest Miracle or El Gran Milagro, a film released in 2011, is one of the most obscure films with one of the best scores I have heard in a while. The film is an animated movie made in Mexico with a strong Catholic message. The composer, Mark McKenzie is at once, recognizable. McKenzie has written for quite a few drama films including, The Last Sin Eater, Saving Sarah Cain, Blizzard, etc.
There are few scores in which you can hear the amount of emotion and passion poured into it. This is one of those few. McKenzie himself fell in love with the film and determined to create something on a higher level emotionally. He hired a 32 voice choir including the London boys choir, Libera.
The cues themselves are all emotional passionate and tender. The first cue, The Greatest Miracle Prelude is a suite of all the themes from the album. It's seven minutes long but seems to grow shorter each time I listen to it. In another cue, Benedictus Deus, McKenzie utilizes the Libera Boys Choir for a solo, and it breathtakingly beautiful. The cue Offerings, starts off with the orchestra and the Libera choir slowly but begins to crescendo.
The whole album seems to build up, preparing the listener for the emotional climax heard in the cue; Ascension/Gloria Patri. In summary, the whole listening experience is just amazing! Yes, the film is Catholic, and the score definitely has that certain feel to it, but if you aren't bothered by that aspect, I highly recommend looking into The Greatest Miracle.

Rating: *****


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