Best Cues of 2012

Composer, Harry Gregson-Williams is good at making powerhouse scores. This album, however, falls short of that. The techno-laden score may have worked with the movie, but listening to it as a standalone, you don’t find much of interest, save, for the last cue. The final track on the album takes some of the album’s best moments (Which are few and far between), and combines them to this emotional climax.

5. Red Dawn-Finale
This score wasn’t the best of the year. However, this closing cue, is very powerful and patriotic. The composer,  Ramin Djawadi, may not have created a great score, but the last cue titled, Finale, makes up for everything in the end.

4. Far Cry 3-Further
To say I was disappointed by the score is an understatement. Since his score for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 I had been looking forward to composer, Bryan Tyler's next entries in video game scores. I’m sorry, but dubstep, and dance music for an action packed survival game, doesn’t cut it. Tyler does redeem himself at the very last cue. Further is one powerful and dramatic cue! It is somewhat of a hybrid cue, and the violin adds to the emotional impact.

Patrick Doyle has had plenty of practice scoring celtic movies. This one surpasses them all. The final cue, Merida’s Home, is short and sweet. It’s definitely the best cue in the album and my 3rd favorite cue of the year.

2. Lincoln-Remembering Willie
John Williams has created some spectacular cues in his time. His most recent work, Lincoln, is a superb reminder of William’s superiority in composing. The cue, Remembering Willie starts off with a mellow string theme then turns into one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking piano themes I have ever heard in soundtracks.

Alan Silvestri has created an amazing new superhero theme (Or should I say, “league of superhero’s theme”?) The cue, The Avengers Theme, is incredibly catchy and I found myself humming it constantly. The score was a little disappointing, but when the final cue played belting out the main theme, I couldn’t help but go back and listen to it over and over. Silvestri has created an amazing new superhero theme!


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